Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

vacation planning

on May 4, 2012

my father moved to southern california this week from florida. this is more exciting than I can even describe since hubs and i live in northern california. this now means that to see dad, it will take a 2 hour plane ride or an 8 hour drive, instead of an 8 hour flight complete with jet lag, and HUGE expense. I am thrilled. his birthday is at the end of this month, memorial day, actually, so hubs and I have been planning our first trip to see him for his birthday. we are taking hubs’ truck. loaded in the truck on the drive down will be all of the bedroom furniture we were given by my mother when we first moved in together. the furniture had been purchased for my teenage brother when he still lived with mom. now that we are married, and expecting, we decided to buy our own furniture, and pick out what we wanted. since little brother lives in southern california too (a mere 45 minutes from dad’s new pad), we will be driving the furniture to him.

the conversation regarding this trip has mainly centered around when we should leave, how long we should stay, and how the drive is going to be (oh, also when and how to tell dad I’m in the family way). I expressed concern for leaving in the wee hours of the morning, because I would be too tired to stay awake and talk with hubs as he drove. hubs’ response? “Who are you trying to kid, the baby? everyone knows you are going to sleep the second we hit the freeway.” which is true. I don’t do well in car rides. I get motion sickness (which I have a feeling will be amplified by morning sickness), I get really tired staring intently at the horizon, and bored. those three things together equal instant sleep for me. but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel guilty about it. I so wish I was the type of woman who could stay awake and chat with hubs as he drove to keep him company. hopefully this trip, we can find him an interesting book on tape to listen to or something, since with the added 1st trimester exhaustion, he’s right, I don’t stand a chance, and I’m probably convincing no one, not even baby.


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