Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

second ultrasound

we were back at dr. L’s on Wednesday and got to see our little one again. it is so amazing to have a doctor who performs ultrasounds at every visit. baby is still very active, and actually dr. L had a hard time getting a good picture because baby was moving so much. here is the one shot he did manage to get:

and just for comparison, let’s take a look back at 10 weeks. what a difference 3 weeks makes, huh?

dr. L said the best time to find out the gender is between 16 and 20 weeks. we have an appointment on july 30. I will be 18 weeks pregnant so it should work out perfectly. but we won’t be announcing here until after we are able to have a gender reveal party with parents and siblings.

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second trimester!

I have made it to the second trimester, which I am promised is the best trimester of them all.

I am excited for so many things this trimester. finding out if we are having a little man or a little lady. getting the nursery set up. watching my bump grow. baby being able to hear me when I talk to her/him. feeling the first signs of movement. saying goodbye to morning sickness and fatique. speaking of morning sickness. you know what does not make that any better? allergies. I’m dying here. I finally found out I can take claritin and I find my trusty box in my desk and they expired more than 2 years ago. oops.

at least I’m hoping the morning sickness will pass. it hasn’t yet, and in fact has increased in intensity this week, making me pretty miserable. there are women who like to tell pregnant women all of their horror stories from their own pregnancies, and so many women have told me their morning sickness never went away, and they were miserable the whole pregnance. Please let me not be one of them 😛

hitting the second trimester also means that I am now one-third of the way done with this pregnancy. does it seem like that first trimester was really fast to anyone else or was that just me? if the next two trimesters go as fast as the first one did, december, and our little one will be here before I know it (and probably before I’m completely prepared).

I am so excited for the next six months. to plan and prepare for our lives to change forever. 😀 one happy mama-to-be here.

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Bump Update: 13 Weeks

How far along: 13 weeks (second trimester baby!)

Baby’s size: peach

Total weight gain: 1 pound

Maternity clothes: more and more. buttoning jeans is now a thing of my past.

Stretch marks? nope 🙂

Sleep: hasn’t been great, and the dreams are so vivid

Best moment this week: got a little shopping in

Food cravings: strawberry cream cheese, and strawberries

Food aversions: meat. all meat.

Gender: no clue. going to ask the dr. when we can find out on wednesday 🙂

Symptoms: fatigue and nausea (although that little gem has eased up considerably in the past few days), what I’m assuming is round ligament pain, and a little bit of light headed/dizziness if I get up too quickly, or stand still too long

Belly Button in or out? in

Wedding rings on or off?: on

Happy or Moody most of the time: I think I was more moody this week. I took things WAY too personally 😛

Looking forward to: our next dr. appointment is on wednesday. can’t wait to see our little one again 🙂

What I miss: sleeping comfortably

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Friday Thought Dump

here is where I list all of the randomness that floats in my head in hopes to stop obsessing about them:

1. driving has become TERRIFYING. knowing it is not only me who could be hurt if something were to happen is overwhelming.

2. I don’t know where to even begin looking for child care, but I feel I should to get my butt in gear because the need will be here before I know it.

3. I smell metal a lot. not sure why.

4. I’m really bad at completing tasks. I will do the dishes. but I won’t come back to put them away once they’ve dried.

5. we watched an episode of What About Brian last night. the husband of a very pregnant character died in a car crash. WHY television? why do you put things like this in my pregnant brain?

6. number 5 has made number 1 even worse, because now I’m worrying about hubs when I know he is in the car.

7. I am hungry every 15-30 minutes. I don’t want to step on the scale on sunday.


birthday weekend

it was so hard coming back to work yesterday after the most fabulous birthday weekend I remember having in a LONG time. friday night, hubs and I went out with most of our friends. we enjoyed tritip sandwiches and the company. and we told everyone we are expecting. the reactions of all of our friends was so wonderful (yes, I am still planning on doing an entire reveal post to show you pictures and tell you the story of how we told everyone – but it’s going to be a LONG one so I’m procrastinating :P).

saturday morning was my actual birthday. hubs went to mens breakfast (church group that meets 2 saturdays a month at 7 am) while I slept in. when I woke, he was home and brought me a bouqet of roses :). love him! after opening my presents from my mom and friends (you all spoiled me too much!), we went to breakfast an panera (one of my favorites) but they were out of the cheese souffle that I was really craving 😦 so I had to settle for one of their delicious bagels 😛

we went into a couple of stores, and then went home and watched tv for most of the afternoon (I can’t tell you how much I am savoring every moment I have snuggling with hubs on the couch and thinking in 6 short months, this will be so different). we went to grab a late lunch/early dinner at noodles & company (another one of my favorites) and then went home to get ready to go see Wicked.

Wicked was AMAZING. so much better than I had even anticpated. I loved it and I am so glad to have finally been to a play with my husband.

on sunday morning, I woke to get ready for church and made a special post on facebook which said “Happy Father’s Day, hubs! We love you!” and included one of the ultrasound photos. the response we have received from all of our extended family and friends has been overwhelming. we are so excited to share this journey with so many people who already love little one.

after church, we went to hubs’ parents house and spent the afternoon swimming and eating with his parents, sister, brother-in-law, and our adorable nephew, Gman. It was Gman’s first time in the pool, which was so much fun. and my mother-in-law got me a cake for my birthday 🙂

we had togos for dinner and not even an hour later I was STARVING again. like felt like I had not had dinner starving. so I told hubs I wanted pinkberry and off we went.

I am so thankful for all of the family and friends who made my birthday weekend so special, especially the wonderful man I married. hubs – I am so thankful for you, I love every day we spend together, and I am so excited for this adventure we are on. you are going to be an amazing father. I love you. Happy Father’s Day.

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Bump Update: 12 Weeks

How far along? 12 weeks 🙂

Baby’s size: large plum

Total weight gain: .5 pounds

Maternity clothes: yes and no. I am most comfortable in maternity tops, but I only have one pair of maternity pants. I am loving this skirt from old navy though. it is so stretchy and comfy. Thanks Mom! 🙂

Stretch marks? no, still hoping using the cocoa butter lotion everyday will help that.

Sleep: just ok.

Best moment this week: EVERYONE knows! it is such a relief not to have to keep a secret anymore 🙂

Food cravings: nothing really this week, nothing sounded good to eat for most of the week.

Food aversions: chicken is still the worst. but meat in general didn’t seem really friendly this week.

Gender: no idea

Symptoms: fatigue and nausea are still the big ones for me, plus a little bit of crankiness.

Belly Button in or out? in, but I removed my piercing. it is the weirdest thing as I have not seen my belly button without it in almost 9 years 😛

Wedding rings on or off? on, but when the temp reached 107 on Saturday, they did get a teeny bit tight 😛

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy!

Looking forward to: feeling like I look pregnant and not just that I’ve had too many cheeseburgers.

what I miss: nothing

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Bump Update: Week 11

How far along: 11 weeks

Baby’s size: Lime

Total weight gain: gained another .5 pounds which means my total weight loss is down to -.5 pounds. I might actually gain a tiny bit before I’m out of the 1st trimester.

Maternity clothes: I bought a pair of capris, a pair of jeans, and a shirt today. love them. so comfy.

Stretch marks: nope

Sleep: it was ok this week. although, for some reason, I’m waking up early on the weekends, which is not like me at all

Best moment this week: my hubby bought me a new camera for my birthday that is in less than a week. it is a cannon rebel t3i. I CANNOT wait until I can take pictures of our little one with it (this week’s bump pic was taken with it 🙂 )

Food cravings: nothing new this week

Food aversions: chicken. I feel sick and gaggy just typing the word. still.

Gender: won’t find out for a while yet, but looking forward to it

Movement: not that I can feel

Symptoms: nothing new this week here either

Belly Button in or out? in

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: so happy

Looking forward to: telling everyone else at the end of this week

What I miss: sushi

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Bump Update: Week 10.2

So since visiting dr. L, and having my due date pushed back, that means I’m not actually 11 weeks pregnant today. I’ll be 11 weeks on sunday. so my Bump Updates will switch days (but probably will be mondays and not sundays – because the computer doesn’t usually get used on weekends). I felt that it would be waiting too long to wait until next monday to do a bump update. that’s close to two weeks. so you are getting a version 10.2 today.

How far along: 10 weeks, 3 days (I’m officially starting to see a bump now, and not just bloat. the shape of my stomach has changed, which is weird and awesome at the same time).

Baby’s size: Prune

Total weight gain: well over the last two weeks, I’ve gained 1.5 pounds (yay vacation!) which means overall, I’m still down 1 pound.

Maternity clothes: getting closer, but still not yet.

Stretch marks: nope

Sleep: hasn’t been good, but it’s not awful either, so I’m trying to just roll with it.

Best moment this week: telling the parents and siblings (I will eventually write a reveal post letting you know how we went about that). and the ultrasound. I can’t get over how amazing it was to see little one and hear that little heart beat.

Food cravings: still want a noah’s wheat bagel with strawberry cream cheese. also toaster struedels sound amazing. basically I just want to eat breakfast all day long 😛

Food aversions: chicken. I feel sick and gaggy just typing the word.

Gender: won’t find out for a while yet

Movement: I can’t feel it yet, but baby is on the move for sure. after seeing all of the wiggling and summersaulting on the ultrasound, I find myself wondering is little one asleep right now or is little one moving around all hyper. I can’t wait to feel him or her.

Symptoms: the morning sickness kicked my butt this week. it’s been a r0ugh one. I’ve felt nauseated pretty much all day every day (except for sunday – sunday rocked :P); the hormones are really messing with me too; I cry at the drop of a hat and then can’t stop crying. it’s obnoxious. oh and dry dry skin and chapped chapped lips. I had read about those, but man, it’s awful. I can’t keep enough chapstick available.

Belly Button in or out? in

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: this week I was pretty teary a lot. but I’m still ecstatic 🙂

Looking forward to: telling everyone else at the end of next week.

What I miss: sushi

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wiggle wiggle

we went to the new ob yesterday, dr. L. he was very to the point, and no nonsense, which I appreciated since I was already apprehensive about seeing a male doctor. we liked him. we met him in his office and he said, “so, you’re a little bit pregnant huh?” which was cute. after answering some basic history questions, we went back to the exam room and had our very first ultrasound. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until dr. L said, “will you look at that, look how he/she is wiggling around. he/she is so active. that’s really important. a lot of people don’t realize how important this is. you see how his/her arms and legs are wiggling all around? they wouldn’t be able to do that if there was a spinal problem.” baby was doing sumersaults, and dancing all around. dr. L took some measurements and I asked him to make sure there was only one in there so he looked all around, and yup, just one healthy baby. 🙂 then we heard the heartbeat. the whump whump whump sound was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard and predictable pregnant lady that I am, I had tears streaking down my face listening to and seeing my baby for the first time. it was such a great experience. I feel so much better now that I’ve seen little one. dr. L alson moved my due date to December 30 which is exactly where I had predicted the due date based on ovulation before seeing the first doctor. new years baby it is 🙂

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