Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

second trimester!

on June 29, 2012

I have made it to the second trimester, which I am promised is the best trimester of them all.

I am excited for so many things this trimester. finding out if we are having a little man or a little lady. getting the nursery set up. watching my bump grow. baby being able to hear me when I talk to her/him. feeling the first signs of movement. saying goodbye to morning sickness and fatique. speaking of morning sickness. you know what does not make that any better? allergies. I’m dying here. I finally found out I can take claritin and I find my trusty box in my desk and they expired more than 2 years ago. oops.

at least I’m hoping the morning sickness will pass. it hasn’t yet, and in fact has increased in intensity this week, making me pretty miserable. there are women who like to tell pregnant women all of their horror stories from their own pregnancies, and so many women have told me their morning sickness never went away, and they were miserable the whole pregnance. Please let me not be one of them 😛

hitting the second trimester also means that I am now one-third of the way done with this pregnancy. does it seem like that first trimester was really fast to anyone else or was that just me? if the next two trimesters go as fast as the first one did, december, and our little one will be here before I know it (and probably before I’m completely prepared).

I am so excited for the next six months. to plan and prepare for our lives to change forever. 😀 one happy mama-to-be here.


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