Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

second ultrasound

on June 29, 2012

we were back at dr. L’s on Wednesday and got to see our little one again. it is so amazing to have a doctor who performs ultrasounds at every visit. baby is still very active, and actually dr. L had a hard time getting a good picture because baby was moving so much. here is the one shot he did manage to get:

and just for comparison, let’s take a look back at 10 weeks. what a difference 3 weeks makes, huh?

dr. L said the best time to find out the gender is between 16 and 20 weeks. we have an appointment on july 30. I will be 18 weeks pregnant so it should work out perfectly. but we won’t be announcing here until after we are able to have a gender reveal party with parents and siblings.


One response to “second ultrasound

  1. Cynthia DuBray says:

    Oh so cute! Can”t wait to find out what baby will be so I can shop. : )

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