Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

the big reveal

on July 1, 2012

finally. I’m going to write down how we announced our pregnancy to some of our favorite people. 🙂

telling our family and friends we are expecting was so much fun. I knew I wanted us to do something creative, but I wasn’t sure what, so I turned to our trusty friend, google, and came up with a plan.

for my mom, and J’s mom and dad, we decided to do a present. we wrapped a picture frame that said “grandkids” for my mom. when she opened it, she seemed pretty suprised (she threw the frame on the couch to come give me a hug). for J’s mom, we wrapped a bib that said “I love Grandma” and because she is alrady a grandma, we included a picture of the pregnancy test. when she opened the bib, she said “you’re expecting aren’t you?” excitement all around.

there were some people we weren’t able to see in person, so we told over the phone, or on skype if available.

for everyone else, we decided to take pictures. the plan was that I would ask to take a picture and tell everyone to “say cheese” then take a picture. then I would say, “oh we need another shot, this time say, ‘Kaitlin’s Pregnant!'” and start snapping away with the camera to make sure I got a good surprised shot. the first couple of people we got, I didn’t have my nice new cannon, so they were taken with my cell phone.

J’s sister and brother-in law, J & K:

J & K, “say cheese”

J & K, say, “Kaitlin’s Pregnant!”

My dad and brother, T & D:

T & D before

T & D after

J’s gramma:

only an after for gramma

bible study:



friends at my birthday party:

you are?!

this was so fun, especially now that I have photos of everyone’s reaction to show our little one someday just how much he/she was loved from the start.

on father’s day, I posted our happy news on facebook wishing hubby a happy father’s day and included an ultrasound photo.

we couldn’t be happier with the support and love we have received from everyone on our happy news.



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