Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

half truths

on September 7, 2012

so when you read books about pregnancy, or your friends tell you about being pregnant, certain things get mentioned. but they don’t tell you the whole story. my second trimester (so far) has introduced me to some symptoms that I was expecting, however, I underestimated their impact.

round ligament pain. no one told me this could feel like you are being stabbed. I expected a stretching/muscle aching kind of feeling. not sharp twinges that make me jump.

backache. I thought: yeah, yeah, I’ve had a backache before. if you aren’t pregnant yet, and you are thinking this: NO. you have not.

leg cramps.I had my first official bought with pregnancy leg cramps at 1 am last night. I expected muscle aches similar to what I expected with round ligament pain. or that cramped feeling you get in your hand when you’ve been writing for too long. this was pain. excruciating. cried so loud, I woke my husband up, pain. it felt like it lasted forever. although it was the middle of the night, and it had woken me up, so it might not have been that long, but it was too long. not looking forward to that for the remainder.

{fun side note: I took a break from writing this post to take a walk, and passed a random homeless lady on the river walk who yelled out “Hey Mama, Congratulations!” it was the first time a stranger has commented on the bump. :P}


3 responses to “half truths

  1. Tom Page says:

    Sometimes not knowing is a good thing. Hope you feel better!

  2. Kyle says:

    Jess was nearly on bed rest the second half of the pregnancy due to round ligament pain. That one is rough. That’s why we never really did much during that time. Sorry :o(

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