Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012


on September 8, 2012

today we are registering for baby girl. I’m so excited. but there have been some other things we have been doing to prepare for her arrival.

I have the rocking chair my mother rocked me to sleep in. it’s beautiful. see:

the only problem is that it isn’t very comfortable to sit in. it’s too hard. while shopping for curtains one day we saw these:

cushions. for a rocking chair. yes! end result:

it is way more comfortable, but it sits me forward too far. I’m hoping if I got a little foot stool or something my knees would be at the proper angle, making it even better. but I am still going to register for a glider. I think I’ll need something even a little more comfortable for those late night feeding sessions.

I also did a little more sewing for baby girl. I made an aden and anais style swaddle blanket:

a receiving blanket:

and matching burp cloths:

I absolutley love all of these little projects. and that I will be able to cuddle my baby girl while using things that I made myself.

and one more thing. I’ve done amazingly well not buying any clothes for little girl. I know I will probably get more than I know what to do with from friends and family at baby girl’s shower. but I saw these. and I could not resist. I mean. owls. pink hearts. and tiffany blue stripes. 🙂 how could I resist?


2 responses to “nesting

  1. Melissa Vink says:

    Just being honest here…the wood rocking chairs that our Mom rocked us in, while sentimental and sweet (I have my Moms) are NOT comfy with or without a pad. It puts a lot of strain on your shoulders to keep from whacking babies head on arm…SO, good to get glider, but better to register for the half pillow that goes on your lap. You can use it for nursing, swaddling, and just many different things. Have fun Kait! The baby stuff you’ve made so far is amazingly darling.

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