Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

what I wore wednesday

on September 12, 2012

I read Somebody’s Parents on a regular basis and she has been linking up with The Pleated Poppy on wednesdays for a special called “what I wore wednesdays.” it looked fun, and since I sort of explain my clothes in my bump updates, but not really, I am joining in the link up.

I remembered to take cell phone pictures in the bathroom at work 3 times in the past week. for someone with a pretty awful case of the pregnancy brain, I would say that is a success. and also, I’m pretty sure this week I’ve worn pants more often than I have since finding out about baby girl 😛

I’m lucky that I work in a pretty laid back place. pre-pregnancy, I really kept to slacks and dresses and only wore jeans on fridays. as soon as my bump outgrew my last pair of slacks, this changed. I still wear all of the dresses that still fit, but I’ve added in some pretty casual stretchy skirts, and jeans are becoming a more regular staple in my wardrobe. my hair has also grown out just a little, enough for it to cooperate with updos. can you tell? 😛

so here are my outfits for the week:

pretty typical outfit for me. stretchy skirt, and a top that contains the bump. also, the first sweater I’ve rocked. it was actually chilly one morning. the chucks are a new development. I am no longer comfortable in sandals all day at work, I can’t walk in heels anymore, and my flat work shoes are still a little dressy for my everyday work wardrobe.

shirt: Ross like 5 years ago (not maternity)

sweater: American Eagle like 10 years ago

skirt: Old Navy (not maternity)

one of my favorite maternity shirts. it is so comfy and I feel like it is flattering too. always a plus.

shirt: Target clearance

capris: Old Navy (not maternity)

beband: Target

another casual day. hopefully I remember to take a picture when I am actually dressed up for work at some point 😛  these jeans fit GREAT except for the built in belly band. that is too snug. my solution? it’s folded down. because maternity shirts are longer, no one has to know the difference and I am wearing a pair of pants without the beband. win!

shirt: Old Navy

jeans: found by my awesome sister-in-law at a JBF sale.

There you have it. my version of maternity “fashion.”



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