Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

hospital tours and prep classes

on September 18, 2012

on saturday we took a hospital tour. whoever came up with the idea to do hospital tours is a genius. both J and I feel so much better prepared for when the big day finally comes. we know that we can just head straight up to the labor and delivery floor (we even know where to park and where the elevators are). and we are pre-registered now, so none of that nonsense. we also know that our visitors will need to know my full name to get in because there is a security door to get on the labor and delivery floor. this makes me feel so at ease. not because any of my visitors will be crazy, but other people’s could be 😛 also if someone is coming to visit me in the hospital, they should probably know my name, right?

there was a fun group dynamic on the tour. pretty stereotypical actually, but it entertained hubs and I, so that was all the better. the black couple where the woman is having her second child and the man is having his first (total assumption). he was very grossed out by the thought of the baby being placed straight on mommy’s chest right after being born. he was all “you clean it off first right?” with this look on his face like he wanted to throw up. priceless. the teen mom there with her own mom. the over the top ghetto latina woman who didn’t understand why her young (probably 5 years old) daughter couldn’t just come chill with her and her husband as she gave birth. the tour leader was patiently trying to explain that her husband would be busy helping her through labor, and another adult would need to be with the little girl to take care of her needs (i.e. hosptial staff are not babysitters lady!). and the couple who waited WAY too long to go on this tour. she was already full term and super neurotic. she about had a panic attack when she learned there are two postpartum rooms on the floor that are shared rooms. in near hysterics, bright red face she explained she cannot possibly recover while sharing a room. chill out lady. they aren’t asking you to labor with someone else. and really, how much rest do you actually get in a hospital anyway when nurses are constantly checking on you?

overall, I am so pleased with the hospital and the labor and delivery unit, in particular. the one concern I have is that you aren’t allowed to plug anything in there, which means no charging of batteries for important things like cell phones and cameras. they have iPod/iPhone docks that will charge a phone so J ordered an adapter from eBay that should allow our phones to work with that and hopefully they will charge, but if not, our family will be getting VERY few and far between updates on how my labor progresses as our phones die very quickly. we would basically have to say, checked in this room, phones are going off…baby was born, phones back off 😛

we are taking infant, child, and adult cpr and first aid tonight and thursday through our parks department. we are also registered to take pretty much all of the classes our hospital offers over the remainder of the pregnancy. here is what the baby class calendar looks like for us 😛

9/18 – cpr

9/20 – cpr

10/02 – baby basics (what to do when baby comes home with you)

10/16 – a moveable feast (breastfeeding)

11/7 – great expectations 1 (learning all about childbirth)

11/14 – great expectations 2

11/28 – great expectations 3

12/5 – great expectations 4

hopefully by the time little miss arrives, we will feel fully prepared and will not panic. do I hear laughter? a girl can dream 😛


2 responses to “hospital tours and prep classes

  1. Melissa Vink says:

    A moveable feast….cleaver…:)

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