Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

Bump Update: 26 Weeks

on September 23, 2012

How far along? 26 weeks

Baby’s size: eggplant (9.2 in, 2 pounds). so wasn’t she an eggplant last week? apparently this week she is just a slightly larger eggplant. I am feeling slightly cheated out of a new fruit/veggie 😛 although, 2 pounds! you go girl! keeep growing in there.

Total weight gain: 16.5 pounds

Maternity clothes: still rocking the stuff that I can that isn’t maternity: the skirts, and dresses. shirts are pretty much all maternity at this point, and pants for sure are, or at least I wear my beband with the nonmaternity versions. as the days are getting shorter, I’m starting to realize the cold is fast approaching. I’m realizing that while my summer wardrobe pre-pregnancy has been pretty pregnancy friendly with all of the stretchy skirts and dresses, my winter wardrobe is not going to be. my main staple for winter are the sweaters that I live in. most all of them are tight fitting. hmm. I guess winter is going to bring a whole new challenge to getting dressed 😛

Stretch marks? no 🙂

Sleep: not comfortable, or nearly enough. I have been dragging for the better part of this week. I can’t remember the last night where I didn’t wake up at least 5 times (usually at least once to use the restroom, 2-3 times to readjust the pillows or roll over – which now takes effort and planning :P, and at least twice to massage out a leg cramp).

Best moment this week: we took an infant, child, and adult cpr class which was very informative, and makes me feel so much better about bringing baby girl home. J and his dad measured and cut the baseboards for the nursery, J and I painted them, now we just have to wait until they dry before nailing them in. also, baby girl’s nursery furniture came! as soon as the baseboards and blinds are in, we can put it together.

Food cravings: milk has been really yummy.

Food aversions: nothing this week

Gender: everything nice

Symptoms: frequent urination is back, I am SO thristy too. I feel as if I’m dying of thirst even as I’m sucking down a 24 ounce glass of water. I’m sure this is not helping with the frequent urination either. backache, leg cramps, and fatigue for sure. I’m getting tired more quickly and more frequently.

Belly Button in or out? it’s shallow, but it’s still in

Wedding rings on or off? off

Happy or Moody most of the time: feeling pretty happy

Looking forward to: the second half of our cpr class on wednesday, our doctor’s appointment on tuesday, and working more on the nursery.

What I miss: being able to go to target without my back killing me.

Movement: oh yeah. she is really active. which comforts me a lot. however, she has started to abuse this mama’s bladder which can be uncomfortable.

Doctor’s appointment: on tuesday. can’t wait to see my baby again 🙂


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