Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

One year

April 22, 2012

What a difference one year can make in a life, in a marriage, in a family.

One year ago today, I peed on a stick, two lines appeared, and while J and I looked at it, I exclaimed, “that’s pregnant!”

Over the past year, I have been so blessed. I had a healthy, complication-free pregnancy. I had the love and support of my husband, family, and friends. I had a quick labor. I have a beautiful, sweet little girl, who melts my heart and brings me joy, who was born healthy and happy. I have a marriage that has grown stronger. And I have one more month off work to spend with my daughter.

Not everyone is so blessed. So today I will look back on the wonderful year my family has had, and I will thank God for all of the blessings He has provided.

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Swaddle weaning

The sleep book I’ve been following is from the author of the happiest baby on the block, I think it’s called the happiest baby sleep guide but don’t quote me on that one.

The book suggests swaddling until 4 months and then weaning. Well Cora will be 4 months in a week and the temperature has soared here, making it difficult to keep Cora’s upstairs nursery comfortable. I’ve resorted to putting her to sleep in just a diaper and the light weight cotton swaddles I made her, but it’s time to not need swaddling anymore.

To wean, the book says spend one week with one arm unswaddled, then a week with both arms out, but her middle still wrapped up, then you can stop swaddling altogether.

Last night we put her to sleep with one arm out. I know J heard her crying and went to give her pacifier back sometime between 11-1. I nursed her from 2:30-3. Then the real fun began. She woke up fighting her swaddle at 4:15, 4:35, and 4:50 needing her pacifier and to be re-swaddled. At 4:50 I gave up and swaddled both arms. She slept until 6:30 when she was hungry again. Sigh.

We will try again tonight. Hopefully it gets better.

Lack of sleep combined with the realization my baby girl is getting so big and growing so fast is inspiring a little crankiness :P.

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(Found this in the draft folder from March 17. Oops)

I have agonized over where to take Cora for daycare since early in my pregnancy. It’s hard to imagine finding someone or someplace you trust enough to hand your child over everyday.

J and I ruled out in-home care pretty quickly. We did not know anyone who could give a recommendation and didn’t feel comfortable trusting online reviews written by people we don’t know. Plus, I really want a pet free environment and it seems all the in home care I found had pets. We also felt strongly that we wanted some sort of educational aspect. For those reasons we decided a school was going to be the best option.

We had about 5 options to look into, and narrowed it down to 2 based on location, information we found on their individual websites, and in one case, finding the school was closed when I went to visit. This left our choices Kindercare or Merryhill School.

We toured Merryhill School at their open house on a Saturday in early March. The Principal took us on the tour and we were very impressed with her organization and passion for the school. The tour was about an hour long and we learned about their curriculum and each of the different levels Cora would attend before leaving for kindergarten. We were especially pleased to learn they offer a pre-k 2 class. Cora’s December birthday means she will miss the age cutoff for kindergarten and will be a little older when she actually starts kindergarten. The pre-k 2 class means she will get additional teaching to prepare for kindergarten instead of repeating pre-k again.

During that next week we took a tour of Kindercare. We were not impressed by the location we looked at. When we first walked in, we noticed it smelled strange. I made an appointment, however, the principal did not seem prepared for us at all. She basically took us to the infant room, told us how many babies are enrolled and waited for questions. If we hadn’t toured Merryhill, I wouldn’t have had a clue what to ask.

There were a ton of differences, but what sealed the deal on Merryhill was really the curriculum (I feel Cora will get more from Merryhill than Kindercare) and the bottle issue. Kindercare requires you bring bottles every day, already prepared (breast milk thawed or formula already mixed). This seems awful. Cora seems to eat a different amount every day. I would be so worried I wouldn’t send enough, but on the other hand, if she doesn’t drink it, it gets wasted. I spend precious time with the breast pump procuring that milk. It is too precious to waste. Merryhill lets you bring in a big bag of frozen milk and enough bottles for the day and they will thaw and prepare the bottles.

So we are now part of the Merryhill School family. I am so happy we found a place I am comfortable with. It is still going to be difficult to go back to work, but knowing she is in a safe place will hopefully help ease the transition.

disclaimer: I realize child care is a VERY personal decision. You may not have had the same experience I had, and probably made different decisions regarding your child care. I am in no way judging your decisions. You made the best choice for your child. I’m just sharing my experience.

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Road trip (Take 2)

So after the suck storm that was our drive to San Diego, J and I determined a change of strategy was in order for our return trip. After a fun day at grandpa’s house, we packed up the car, and at bedtime we packed up Cora and said our goodbyes.

We left a little before 8 pm on Friday hoping Cora would sleep since we were leaving at bedtime. We were prepared to stop halfway and spend the rest of the night somewhere if she totally wigged out like the drive south, but we seemed to have done things right by driving through the night instead of the afternoon.

We made one 10 minute stop for gas and restrooms and Cora slept the whole way. She fussed once around 12:15, I gave her pacifier back, and she immediately fell back to sleep. We pulled into our garage at 2:37 am. As soon as the car stopped, Cora started melting down so we quickly changed her diaper, put her in pajamas, fed her, and got her into bed. She fell right back to sleep.

I was in bed at 3:30 and then up for another nursing session at 6:30. Cora woke up for the day at 8 and so did J so I got to sleep until a little after 9, when Cora was hungry again.

We spent the day exhausted and barely functioning, but it was totally worth it. A sleeping baby is a much nicer travel companion than a screaming one.

Next time, we fly 😛

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Road trip

We took our first family toad trip to Dan Diego yesterday. We left Sacramento at 12:15 after church and arrived at my dad’s house at 9:05. All I can say about the drive is: we survived. It was awful. Sometimes it was downright miserable.

Cora didn’t sleep as well as we had hoped. She screamed a good portion of the time, and I spent what felt like most of the trip fishing her pacifier out of her car seat and giving it back to her. I also think she might suffer the same car sickness I do, as she spit up frequently.

Every time we had to put her back in her car seat her distress became worse. The last stop about an hour from dad’s was so heartbreaking. She planted her feet in an attempt to not be buckled in, and the look she gave me was a mixture between ‘how can you do this to me, mommy’ and ‘I hate you’ (if a three month old can even feel hate :P).

But we survived. And we are thinking of alternatives to our trip home: perhaps we will leave at bed time, drive halfway home and spend the night at a hotel and then finish the trip in the morning. We will see.

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Sleep Regression, I hate you

This has been a rough week for sleep in our house. Baby Girl has decided sleep is for suckers and isn’t sleeping as long during the night, waking up to eat more frequently, and eating for longer amounts of time. This all adds up to less sleep for me. This I am not happy about. Here is an example of what we’re dealing with, last night’s activities:
9:15-10:00 – Cora eats
10:00-10:15 – getting Cora ready for bed and getting her asleep.
10:15-10:30 – get myself ready for bed
10:30 – lights out for me
1:33-2:40 – Cora eats and still manages to be asleep most of the feeding
2:44 – I get back in bed
4:45-5:50 – Cora eats and sleeps
5:50 – Cora wakes up as I put her back in her crib. I give her the pacifier and leave her room, hoping she will go back to sleep. No such luck. Give up at 6:10 as her protests are getting louder and I don’t want her to wake up J.

Now if I was able to fall asleep right away every time I got back in bed, I would have gotten 5 hours of interrupted sleep. But I didn’t. I probably got like 4 and a half. Nap time can’t come soon enough today. And unlike Tuesday, today I will be participating in naps.

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No use crying over spilled eggs

Cora and I had a rough night so when morning nap time came I wanted nothing more than to nap myself. But as one of the things I needed to do today was bake a birthday cake for a good friend from bible study, I resisted the temptation. Then I cracked an egg on the counter instead of in the mixing bowl. Yep, should have gone back to bed. Luckily I had an extra egg 😛

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month 3


dear Cora,

at the beginning of this month, you became colicky. evenings were not fun for us anymore as you would scream for hours, and we couldn’t find anything that would calm you. you were inconsolable. or if we found something that seemed to calm you, it would only work for a short time. we were so sad. we couldn’t figure out how to help you. after visiting the pediatrician for your 2 month check up (you were a few days older than 2 months), we started figuring things out. gas drops helped immensely. so did swaddling, giving you the paci, and turning on the radio to a static station as white noise.

you got your first shots at your 2 month checkup. you were a pro! you screamed so loud the doctor’s assistant said you were the loudest baby she had ever heard. that’s our girl! but once you got your paci, you calmed down and went to sleep.

we started a nap routine at the very beginning of this month and you really took to it. once you’ve been awake for 2 hours (sooner if you start to get cranky), we swaddle you, give you the paci, and turn on the white noise, and lay you down in your crib or pack and play. most days, you fall asleep within a few minutes. if you cry, we go in and give you back your paci, turn up the white noise, or prop you up on your side.

this month, you really started to enjoy your activity mat. you have learned to hit or pull on the big toy in the middle to make it play music, and you like to look at yourself in the mirror. most of the time, if you are smiled at, you smile back (if you are in a good mood that is). and you are always smiley in the morning. I love coming in to get you in the morning and seeing your big gummy smile. you love playing with your rattle, and you “help” when we get you out of the car seat – you push up with your legs and sometimes this causes you to push your head into the sunshade of the car seat, or bump your head on the carrying bar – but never so hard that you are hurt. you like playing peek-a-boo now, and you love the skidamirink song. you are definitely a morning person, and are happiest when you first wake up. you have learned to “talk” to me to wake me up in the morning instead of crying when you aren’t hungry. I will hear you give these short, loud “ahs” and then you will pause and wait to see if it woke me up before trying again.

on March 20th, you spent your first night sleeping in your crib in your room. you slept better without us. or maybe it was the comfortable mattress, but we have officially moved you to your room, and it has been a great transition, even if it was a month earlier than I had originally planned on moving you. in just three months, you have taught me a big lesson on being flexible 😛

about a week before you turned three months old, you started arching your back and pushing with your feet while laying on your back and you scoot yourself forward. you also rolled over again that week. your daddy put you on your tummy and you rolled so quickly, it took your daddy a second to realize you had done it, and I missed it altogether. three days before you turned 3 months old, you were sitting up, holding on to my fingers, and you pulled yourself up to standing!

you love your hands! every chance you get, they are in your mouth. anything you can pick up or grasp also goes straight to your mouth. it’s pretty cute.

you are still wearing 0-3 month clotes and size 1 diapers.


Cora – boppy, paci, white noise

Me – crystal geyser, makeup removal wipes – quickly removes dirt and makeup at the end of the day, so I can get to bed more quickly. I just picked up the generic kind, first from target, then from walmart – both have worked great and have removed all of my makeup, although I don’t wear any waterproof makeup, so I can’t vouch for that, extra-large blankets for swaddling – we still need to swaddle, but Cora is getting so tall, it’s harder and harder.

pictures (it seems I have more favorites every month :P):




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