Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

Road trip (Take 2)

on April 14, 2013

So after the suck storm that was our drive to San Diego, J and I determined a change of strategy was in order for our return trip. After a fun day at grandpa’s house, we packed up the car, and at bedtime we packed up Cora and said our goodbyes.

We left a little before 8 pm on Friday hoping Cora would sleep since we were leaving at bedtime. We were prepared to stop halfway and spend the rest of the night somewhere if she totally wigged out like the drive south, but we seemed to have done things right by driving through the night instead of the afternoon.

We made one 10 minute stop for gas and restrooms and Cora slept the whole way. She fussed once around 12:15, I gave her pacifier back, and she immediately fell back to sleep. We pulled into our garage at 2:37 am. As soon as the car stopped, Cora started melting down so we quickly changed her diaper, put her in pajamas, fed her, and got her into bed. She fell right back to sleep.

I was in bed at 3:30 and then up for another nursing session at 6:30. Cora woke up for the day at 8 and so did J so I got to sleep until a little after 9, when Cora was hungry again.

We spent the day exhausted and barely functioning, but it was totally worth it. A sleeping baby is a much nicer travel companion than a screaming one.

Next time, we fly 😛


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