Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

Swaddle weaning

on April 21, 2013

The sleep book I’ve been following is from the author of the happiest baby on the block, I think it’s called the happiest baby sleep guide but don’t quote me on that one.

The book suggests swaddling until 4 months and then weaning. Well Cora will be 4 months in a week and the temperature has soared here, making it difficult to keep Cora’s upstairs nursery comfortable. I’ve resorted to putting her to sleep in just a diaper and the light weight cotton swaddles I made her, but it’s time to not need swaddling anymore.

To wean, the book says spend one week with one arm unswaddled, then a week with both arms out, but her middle still wrapped up, then you can stop swaddling altogether.

Last night we put her to sleep with one arm out. I know J heard her crying and went to give her pacifier back sometime between 11-1. I nursed her from 2:30-3. Then the real fun began. She woke up fighting her swaddle at 4:15, 4:35, and 4:50 needing her pacifier and to be re-swaddled. At 4:50 I gave up and swaddled both arms. She slept until 6:30 when she was hungry again. Sigh.

We will try again tonight. Hopefully it gets better.

Lack of sleep combined with the realization my baby girl is getting so big and growing so fast is inspiring a little crankiness :P.


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