Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

day one

on May 29, 2013

we survived day one. yesterday was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. in fact, overall, it was a pretty good day.

I woke at 5 and got myself ready, then woke Cora at 6 to change her diaper, change her out of her jammies and into clothes, and feed her. after burping her, she projectile spit up all over me, herself, and the recliner :P. I didn’t even know what to do. J was still asleep so I had to yell and wake him for him to come help me. she was immediately happy and smiley after that, so maybe she was just overfull from her 3 am feeding. I quickly changed my clothes and rushed out of the house, still making it to work on time.

my coworkers had decorated my desk with Disney princess streamers and confetti, a princess crown, and other fun decorations. we had a ‘welcome back’ meeting and everyone brought breakfast foods and we caught up. it felt so special to know I was missed so much.

the majority of my day was spent sorting through the 913 emails I had in my inbox. by the end of the day, I had 300 left, and I’m afraid I’m down to the ones that I actually have to read and can’t just skim and delete πŸ˜›

I teared up saying goodbye to Cora in the morning, but I didn’t cry, and I didn’t cry all day. I worked in three pumping sessions into my day, and had an adventure getting my parking access and direct deposit re-instated. I had to leave the 8th floor, and go to the lobby and out to the parking garage to get my license plat number. then from the lobby to the 12th floor to have HR sign off on my parking form, and submit the direct deposit form, then from the 12th floor to the 3rd floor to turn in the parking form to facilities, and then from the 3rd floor back to the 8th floor to return to my desk. I don’t think I have ever done so much floor hopping before πŸ˜›

of course the best part of the day was getting to go pick up my baby girl. she was happy and smiley as soon as I walked in, and it felt so good to get a huge smile when I went to pick her up. she was a little fussy when we got home so she took a short nap before we left for bible study.

it must have been a busy, tiring day for her because we went to bed at 9:30 and she slept 7 hours in a row! we got up at 4:30 which is about 30 minutes before I really need to be up, but she nursed for about 8 minutes before falling back to sleep, so I spent a little while cuddling my sleeping babe before work, which was worth the 30 minute loss of sleep.

and now, for day two…


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