Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

we remember

on September 11, 2013

never forget

it has been 12 years since I sat in my high school spanish class and watched in horror as the twin towers fell, as the pentagon was hit, as brave Americans re-directed a flight into a field in Pennsylvania. 12 years and I still face this day with a heavy heart and teary eyes. this morning my heart was heavier than normal.

this morning I dressed my baby girl in an “american sweetheart” onsie and I realized that one day she will ask me why September 11th is a day of remembrance. I realized I will have to explain to my daughter about hate. how there are people in the world who hate us so much, they would sacrifice themselves to hurt us. how almost 3,000 people lost their lives in the attack. 3,000 who were living their life one moment, and were gone the next. I don’t want to have this conversation with her. I don’t want her to know anything about hate, or death, or destruction.

but I will also get to tell her how love rose up. how men and women from all over the country, all over the world really, stood together, pulled together, and did whatever they could to help. they donated blood, they donated money, they donated time. America and Americans were severely underestimated. because love rose up. while we were devastated, we were not destroyed. while we hurt, we were not defeated. while we were angry, we held on to each other.

so while I wish my daughter didn’t have to grow up in a post 9/11 world, I am grateful that she will grow up in a world where we take moments every year to memorialize the lives we lost. to be sad for what happened. to be thankful for those who stepped up to help us.

so today and everyday, we remember.
and we love.


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