Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012


on November 8, 2013

yesterday evening I had one of those experiences as a mother that I just want to bottle up and keep forever. it may be one of my favorite memories of Cora to date. we were all snuggling on the couch with the fluffy blankets we have on it. Cora pulled the blanket up to be above her head and I heard her start to giggle “heeheehee” so Jason and I started saying “where’s Cora, where is she?” and she giggled harder, and kicked her little legs in excitement. Jason pulled the blanket down and we exclaimed, “There she is! Peekaboo!” and she absolutely rolled with laughter. we played peekaboo over and over. completely instigated by my fun-loving girl. every time she pulled that blanket up, her giggles would ring out in the room, and her legs would kick excitedly under the blanket. and my heart grew 15 sizes. I have had a hard couple of weeks. I started a new job two weeks ago, and it has been a harder transition than I anticipated. spending an evening playing peekaboo with my baby girl was exactly what I needed. and the fun we had last night has kept me going through this last work day of the week.

I tried to get the fun and games on video to share, but every time the camera came out, she stopped playing. so I put the camera away. and soaked up the fun we were having. and tried my hardest to commit that moment to my memory forever. November is always a month full of thanksgiving for me. I love to count my blessings every year. this year, my blessings have multiplied exponentially, and having fun with my daughter is just one of the many things I am thankful for.


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