Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

Swaddle weaning

The sleep book I’ve been following is from the author of the happiest baby on the block, I think it’s called the happiest baby sleep guide but don’t quote me on that one.

The book suggests swaddling until 4 months and then weaning. Well Cora will be 4 months in a week and the temperature has soared here, making it difficult to keep Cora’s upstairs nursery comfortable. I’ve resorted to putting her to sleep in just a diaper and the light weight cotton swaddles I made her, but it’s time to not need swaddling anymore.

To wean, the book says spend one week with one arm unswaddled, then a week with both arms out, but her middle still wrapped up, then you can stop swaddling altogether.

Last night we put her to sleep with one arm out. I know J heard her crying and went to give her pacifier back sometime between 11-1. I nursed her from 2:30-3. Then the real fun began. She woke up fighting her swaddle at 4:15, 4:35, and 4:50 needing her pacifier and to be re-swaddled. At 4:50 I gave up and swaddled both arms. She slept until 6:30 when she was hungry again. Sigh.

We will try again tonight. Hopefully it gets better.

Lack of sleep combined with the realization my baby girl is getting so big and growing so fast is inspiring a little crankiness :P.

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sleep, baby, sleep

we are in week two of working on getting better naps. the napping is going great! after about one and a half to two hours of wakefulness, Cora will start to get sleepy and fussy so I will swaddle her, give her a pacifier, and lay her down either in her crib or in the pack and play in the office. if she is really upset, I turn the radio on a static channel as white noise and it calms her down. most of the time, I put her down drowsy but not asleep. according to some sleep books, doing so will teach her to fall asleep by herself and will help her settle herself if she wakes up in the middle of the night but doesn’t really need anything. she took surprisingly well to this arrangement and usually falls asleep within a few minutes. if she cries, it usually means she dropped the pacifier and needs it back. she naps anywhere from 40 minutes to two and a half hours two or three times a day. I still sometimes hold her while she falls asleep, but this is more for me than her. I’m hoping that sleeping in her crib, in the pack and play, and her bassinet (not to mention the swing sometimes) will help her be able to sleep anywhere. 

unfortunately, as she sleeps better during the day, Cora’s nighttime sleeping has decreased. instead of six, seven, or close to eight hours in a stretch, we are back to four or five hours in the first stretch, followed by two or three hour stretches. this is the opposite of what the books say should be happening. they all say ‘sleep begets sleep’ and that as soon as naps get better, nighttime sleep will increase. hopefully this will happen and it is just taking a little while for her to adjust. even if her nighttime sleep doesn’t significantly increase, it is still
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maternity leave

I am starting my second week of maternity leave today and I have to say it’s going better than I expected. I was worried about how I would fill my day every day, but it has been surprisingly easy. I have developed a schedule/routine that seems to be working for me. first, I don’t set an alarm. the whole point of dr. L wanting me to go out on maternity leave early was to get more rest, so unless I have somewhere I need to be, I’m letting my body wake up when it wants to. then I exercise. monday, wednesday, friday it’s cardio and toning; tuesday and thursday it’s prenatal yoga. then I make myself breakfast and lay down for a little bit. then I will do any chores that need to be done around the house, or run errands. I might take J lunch at work if he wants me to or I make myself something. then I’ll lay down for a little longer before starting another chore, or working on some crafting.

it’s the stopping what I’m doing and laying down before I over-exert myself that is the hardest part, as I knew it would be. I like to start a task and get it finished, but I just can’t anymore. I get too tired. also, dr. L was very clear that he wants me laying down. so I’m working on patience during those times. thank goodness for netflix. and baby books that I’m still reading through.

on the bright side, I’ve been able to keep the house tidied up, and the shopping and errands taken care of which means more quality time with J when he is home in the evenings and weekends.

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a moveable feast

we took the breastfeeding class last night and I’m so glad we did. I feel so much more confident in my ability to breastfeed, and less anxious about possible complications or roadblocks. I also liked the instructor for this class much more than I did the baby basics class. she was down to earth and mellow, and so knowledgeable. I think she really did a good job making sure everyone was comfortable, which I think would be hard to do with a topic like breastfeeding.

we learned some interesting statistics and got some great information, but what I think was really helpful was the video where it showed a lactation consultant assisting a new mom with latch. no matter how many times I looked at the pictures in the womanly art of breastfeeding book, I couldn’t figure out what a good latch was actually supposed to look like. so it was really helpful to see one.

I have found a couple of dvds on netflix that are specific to parenting, pregnancy, and labor and delivery. they have been very informative. I think I’ll look to see if I can find any on breastfeeding as well. I’ve become a truly visual learner. while I can still get basic information from reading, I’ve found I really need to see something before I feel comfortable trying it (at least when it comes to baby stuff :P)

we are noticing that the more classes we attend, books we read, and videos we watch, our hospital packing list is getting longer and longer. every new source says, “it’s a good idea to bring _____ with you to the hospital.” J wants to know how we are going to get all of our belongings to and from the hospital, especially since we will be returning with a newborn 😛 I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.


third trimester!

I am officially in the third trimester now!

I’m having a hard time believing we are already 2/3 of the way done with this pregnancy. I mean, wasn’t it yesterday that two pink lines were appearing on that first response test? I have to say before I get too deep into the third trimester (as I’m told it can get pretty uncomfortable), that I LOVE being pregnant. even through all of the aches and pains and discomforts. it has been such an amazing experience for me. I am so thankful to have had such a good pregnancy.

my second trimester was so much fun. we found out we are having a little girl! and she started moving very regularly. J felt her kick. and we painted the nursery. J and his dad put in wood laminate flooring, and the baseboards were put in. we purchased blinds, and furniture. and just this past weekend, the furniture was put together. we bought a mattress for baby girl’s crib on saturday night. we also bought a super cute lamp. morning sickness all but disappeared. people started noticing I am pregnant and not just hitting the cupcakes a little too hard. and while I still have boughts of round ligament pain when I’m walking at a brisk pace (excercising), I haven’t had any when I’m just sitting for weeks. the biggest problem I’ve had in the second trimester is pretty bad backache. but I definitely count myself lucky that is my biggest complaint.

there are so many things that I’m looking forward to in the third trimester as well. my baby shower. and taking the classes the hospital has to offer. getting rounder especially when sitting and laying down (my stomach spreads out and widens when I do either of these, so I don’t look pregnant anymore :P). and baby’s kicks being visable from the outside. continuing my sewing and crochet projects for baby. meeting our baby girl!  

I am nervous about the elevated level of discomfort I have been promised is forthcoming. as excited as I am for baby girl to come, I am anxious about the process of getting her here. I’m hopeful that the hospital class will help with that. it’s really just a fear of the unknown. I have silly concerns as well. like not being able to shave my legs or tie my shoes.

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strangers say the strangest things

I wish strangers would stop trying to terrify my husband about becoming parents. we are not uniformed when it comes to childbearing. we realize our lives will never be the same. we realize there will be nights with no sleep, and worries, and concerns that don’t plague us now. we are not unprepared. so please stop telling my husband how hard it is going to be to have a baby. I’d rather he not be completely freaked out by the time little one arrives. k? thanks.

In other news, pregnancy brain has hit. hard. I find myself standing, wondering why I’ve gotten up in the first place. I have resorted to leaving myself post-it notes so as to not forget the ONE thing I am responsible for bringing with me to a barbeque. or so that I don’t sit at my desk for 3 hours wondering, just what was I working on before I left the office yesterday.

in all the reading I did to prepare for this pregnancy, I learned sleeping on your back is a no-no somewhere in the second trimester, and sleeping on your stomach is uber uncomfortable, so that leaves your sides. I also read that the left side is more preferable to the right – something to do with blood flow, I don’t remember (see previous paraghraph). but I have always been a right side of the bed, right side of my body (if I’m on my side at all) sleeper. I can’t face the middle of the bed. it weirds me out (I know. I am the weird one. I’m used to it). so when we found out we were expecting, I immediately forced hubs to switch sides of the bed with me so that I could ‘train’ myself to sleep on my left side. it was miserable. I toss and turn, I wake up to adjust myself constantly, and I have aches and pains I never had before. the only good sleep I was getting was on those mornings when hubs would get up early to go biking, and leave the bed to me. what made this good sleep? I would turn to the middle of the bed, on my right side, and find perfect comfort. I finally determined sleeping on my left side is miserable, and the fact that I am tired and uncomfortable, and downright sleep deprived cannot be better for baby than my getting a good night sleep. so I switched sides of the bed with hubs again (sorry babe, thank you for being so accomodating of the crazy). I slept sooo much better last night and felt amazing when I woke up.

::end ramble:: 😛


doctor, doctor

so in the recent past I have not been thrilled with my doctor’s office. for one thing, I have been a patient for more than three years and I still haven’t met the actual doctor. I see a physicians assistant. which on it’s own, is not the end of the world. I like her and I feel comfortable talking to her. however, the past two times I was in, I saw a different PA and she creeped me out I was not so comfortable with her. she is just a ball of nervous energy, looked at me weird, and didn’t really seem to give me what I need.  I told her we were going to begin trying to conceive, and all she told me was to take a prenatal. no advice on how long I should wait after stopping the pill, no information about anything. when I saw her for a second time, she prescribed me an antibiotic and when I reminded her again we were trying to conceive, she said nothing. when I got to the pharmacy to pick it up, imagine my suprise when the pharmacist tells me you shouldn’t be pregnant or try to get pregnant while taking the antibiotics. my head about exploded. so I already knew shopping for a new doctor was in store. I didn’t expect to be blessed with such an easy time conceiving, so I hadn’t done any research on that yet.

this week, my doctor’s office has completely redeemed themselves in my eyes. I had read in a couple of baby books/websites most doctors won’t see you for your first prenatal visit until 6 to 8 weeks. I called my doctors office on tuesday to tell them I had taken a positive home pregnancy test, and she was like, oh we want you to come in right away to see the doctor. she will confirm the pregnancy and help determine a due date, plus give you some reading material. so hubs and I have an appointment this afternoon, two days later. with the REAL doctor. so excited to get some questions answered.

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