Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

third trimester!

I am officially in the third trimester now!

I’m having a hard time believing we are already 2/3 of the way done with this pregnancy. I mean, wasn’t it yesterday that two pink lines were appearing on that first response test? I have to say before I get too deep into the third trimester (as I’m told it can get pretty uncomfortable), that I LOVE being pregnant. even through all of the aches and pains and discomforts. it has been such an amazing experience for me. I am so thankful to have had such a good pregnancy.

my second trimester was so much fun. we found out we are having a little girl! and she started moving very regularly. J felt her kick. and we painted the nursery. J and his dad put in wood laminate flooring, and the baseboards were put in. we purchased blinds, and furniture. and just this past weekend, the furniture was put together. we bought a mattress for baby girl’s crib on saturday night. we also bought a super cute lamp. morning sickness all but disappeared. people started noticing I am pregnant and not just hitting the cupcakes a little too hard. and while I still have boughts of round ligament pain when I’m walking at a brisk pace (excercising), I haven’t had any when I’m just sitting for weeks. the biggest problem I’ve had in the second trimester is pretty bad backache. but I definitely count myself lucky that is my biggest complaint.

there are so many things that I’m looking forward to in the third trimester as well. my baby shower. and taking the classes the hospital has to offer. getting rounder especially when sitting and laying down (my stomach spreads out and widens when I do either of these, so I don’t look pregnant anymore :P). and baby’s kicks being visable from the outside. continuing my sewing and crochet projects for baby. meeting our baby girl!  

I am nervous about the elevated level of discomfort I have been promised is forthcoming. as excited as I am for baby girl to come, I am anxious about the process of getting her here. I’m hopeful that the hospital class will help with that. it’s really just a fear of the unknown. I have silly concerns as well. like not being able to shave my legs or tie my shoes.

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for funsies

the gender reveal is only 3 days away! so, just for fun, let’s take a look at some of those Old Wives Tales people like to use to predict the gender of a baby.

I feel I should put a disclaimer here: I realize these are not medically validated ways to predict the gender of my baby. this is just for giggles. oh, and I also didn’t do all of them. like the ring on a string. I never had string when I thought about that one.

Chinese Calendar: Girl this is a calculation using the Chinese Lunar Month of Conception and the Mother’s Age at the time of Conception. I just used a chart I found online 😛

Cravings: Boy salty signifies boy, while sweet signifies girl

Morning Sickness: Girl all day, every day morning sickness in the first trimester

Mayan Calendar: Girl this one takes into account my age, and the year the baby was conceived. If both are even, or both are odd, they predict girl, if one is even and one is odd, they predict boy.)

Skin: Boy acne free. this one made me laugh a little. apparently if your skin is a mess, it’s because your daughter is stealing your beauty. man, if anyone came up to me and said, ‘I think you are having a girl because you aren’t as pretty,’ they would get the ugly end of the pregnancy hormones for sure.

Sleep: Girl if you prefer to sleep on the right side – girl, left side – boy

Hands: Boy dry signifies boy, soft signifies girl

Graceful or Clumsy: Boy clumsy – boy, graceful – girl; I’m not sure this one is fair as I was CLUMSY before getting pregnant 😛

Mood Swings: Girl mood swings – girl, steady moods – boy

Carrying: Boy low – boy, high – girl

Husband’s weight: Boy not gaining or losing weight – boy, gaining weight – girl

Cold Feet: Girl if your feet are colder since becoming pregnant – boy, if they are the same – girl. My feet were always freezing before, and I have not noticed a difference

Bread: Girl if you want to eat the heel of the bread – boy, the middle – girl

Nail Health: Boy if your nails grow faster and stronger – boy, if they become weak and brittle – girl

Leg Hair: Boy if your leg hair grows faster – boy, the same – girl

The Mother-In-Law Test: Girl apparently, the gender of your mother-in-law’s first child predicts the gender of your first child.

So let’s do some math. that was 16 questions. the results:

Boy – 8

Girl – 8

ha! well I guess they say these predictors have a 50/50 chance of being right for a reason. so…

I guess we will all just have to wait until Saturday to find out.

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Bump Update: 18 Weeks

How far along? 18 weeks

Baby’s size: Sweet Potato (5.5 in, 5 oz)

Total weight gain: 3.5 pounds (apparently I’m just going to fluctuate back and forth every week for a while :P)

Maternity clothes: maternity shirts are the only shirts that look good on me, although some of the other ones in my closet would still fit me.

Stretch marks? nope 🙂

Sleep: still pretty bad. I can’t get comfortable, and I’m up at least once every night to use the restroom, and at least one other time because my brain decides it’s thinking time 😛 I did have one great night’s sleep this week where I went to bed at 8:30. It was glorious.

Best moment this week: we had an amazingly fun time having friends over to watch the opening ceremony of the olympics on Friday night, and went to J & K’s hosue for a bbq and game night on Saturday night. It was so much fun.

Food cravings: I can’t really pinpoint any real cravings this week.

Food aversions: I was able to eat meat! so I think chicken might be the only one left, but I should probably attempt to eat some soon to verify that.

Gender: the doctor’s appointment is TOMORROW! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. of course we will have to wait until saturday to actually find out 😛

Symptoms: fatigue, round ligament pain, backaches

Belly Button in or out? it is getting shallow 😦

Wedding rings on or off?on

Happy or Moody most of the time: I’ve had some pretty wicked mood swings this week.

Looking forward to: finally knowing the gender of our little one! I cannot wait to start sewing and planning his or her nursery. I can’t wait to see all of my family who are coming in to town for our party either! we feel so blessed so many people want to come celebrate this time with us. I am so excited to find out the gender with all of our family and closest friends. it will be such a fun party.

What I miss: sleeping through the night 😛

Movement: still feeling the flutters sporadically and I think I felt a couple of distinct kicks this week. it was pretty exciting 🙂

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Bump Update: 17 Weeks

oops. you can see the remote 😛

How far along? 17 weeks

Baby’s size: Turnip (5 in, 5 oz)

Total weight gain: 4.5 pounds

Maternity clothes: still rocking the beband, with most things and the stretchy skirts. mostly maternity shirts, however, I have found a few things non-maternity that still “fit.” 😛

Stretch marks? nope 🙂

Sleep: awful this week. I can’t get comfortable, and when I do, I either have to pee, or I fall asleep and immediately have a crazy dream.

Best moment this week: we bought some decorations for our gender reveal party which is only 2 weeks away!

Food cravings: pancakes

Food aversions: still meat. grr. it’s getting old

Gender: won’t know for another 2 weeks. so close but still so far away. 😛

Symptoms: fatigue, round ligament pain, congestion, backache.

Belly Button in or out? in

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: pretty moody this week. I have not been comfortable most of the time.

Looking forward to: continuing to get the house ready for our gender reveal party (I now have to do a little bit here and there, no more powering through or else I get overheated, overexhausted, and dizzy :P).

What I miss: sushi. I’ve really been wanting some this week.

Movement: I’ve been feeling “flutters” but very sporadically, and only when I am laying perfectly still and not doing ANYTHING. can’t wait until it is more pronounced, and more frequent.

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Bump Update: 16 Weeks

How far along? 16 weeks

Baby’s size: Avocado (~4-5 in, 3 to 5 oz)

Total weight gain: 3 pounds (I don’t actually think I lost any weight this week, I just think eating chinese food for dinner last week the night before my weigh in skewed things :P)

Maternity clothes: see that shirt I’m wearing? it’s not maternity 😛 I found a couple of shirts in the closet that used to be very loose in the chest and stomach – so they fit perfectly now 😛 also (apparently, I’ve been loving green :P)

Stretch marks? nope. Palmer’s tried to confuse me hugely however, because the bottle of stretch mark lotion I had was in a pink bottle, but when I ran out and went to the store for more, it was no where to be found…because it was in a white bottle this time. tricky.

Sleep: has not been great. I can’t seem to get comfortable, I wake up what seems like a thousand times a night. and the dreams. oh the dreams are weird.

Best moment this week: friends keep telling me I’m showing more and more.

Food cravings: still cinnamon.

Food aversions: still meat, however, I was able to eat a couple of bites of chicken on friday night, hopefully that is a move in the right direction.

Symptoms: fatigue, round ligament pain, and congestion are the worst, and the dreams are creepy. oh, and I’m overheating much easier. but the nausea is mostly gone (yay!) and I didn’t have any headaches this week (double yay!)

Belly Button in or out? in

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy, however, the extreme heat this week did leave me with some crankiness too.

Looking forward to: getting my hair cut this week, and having lunch with my mom.

What I miss: being comfortable enough to watch an entire movie without having to move around, or get off the couch altogether 😛

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I can’t tell you how many times in my life I have been asked, “what is your greatest fear?” usually this question is part of an icebreaker of some sort. I have rarely been honest with answering this question. my greatest fear is a hugely intimate detail. I don’t feel there are many people who need to know that much about me during an icebreaker, so I answer with a generic, “spiders, snakes, heights” type of answer. but these are not my greatest fear.

my greatest fear has been with me most of my adolescence and into adulthood. I feared being infertile. the thought of not being able to conceive a child would sometimes cripple me with anxiety. I hoped and prayed, and pleaded this would never come true for me, that I would not have to know that pain. I suffered silently when friends had trouble conceiving, my heart breaking for them, and myself, because it could easily be me next.

when the two lines came up on that pregnancy test I thanked God for being a God of mercy, and love, and giving. I cried tears of joy. I have cherished every nauseating minute of this pregnancy. but it took me 15 weeks to realize my greatest fear was no longer a fear at all, the fear had been removed.

in its place is now sheer terror for my child. I fear that something will happen to him or her. I fear that I could lose him or her. I fear that I won’t be the kind of mother I want to be. I fear that I will make too many mistakes. I fear.

and just like that, a woman’s fear was replaced with a mother’s fear.


Bump Update: 15 Weeks

How far along? 15 weeks

Baby’s size: Navel orange (~4.5 in, 2 to 3 oz)

Total weight gain: 4 pounds

Maternity clothes: shirts. the stretchy skirts and beband are still my best friends 🙂

Stretch marks? nope

Sleep: better now that I’ve forced convinced hubs to switch sides of the bed. again.

Best moment this week: I’m fairly certain I felt the baby move this week. just once. but it felt like when you are in the pool and someone swims by you and you feel the water move around you. except from the inside. and a little less strong.

Food cravings: cinnamon. anything cinnamon.

Food aversions: still the meat.

Gender: impatiently waiting to find out.

Symptoms: the awful headaches are stupid and I threw up this week 😦

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy happy happy 🙂

Looking forward to: feeling baby more.

What I miss: nothing this week.

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Bump Update: 14 Weeks

How far along? 14 weeks

Baby’s size: lemon (this one confused me because I thought a peach was bigger than a lemon but apparently it has nothing to do with the diameter of the fruit, it’s all in the length, so a lemon is longer than a peach :P)

Total weight gain: 2.5 pounds

Maternity clothes: same couple of shirts, the beband helps me continue to wear my jeans, but other than that, it’s stretchy skirts for me

Stretch marks? nope. I did panic a little last night because I thought I saw one, but it was just a mark from laying on a blanket on the couch 😛

Sleep: not sleeping well this week at all, which isn’t helping anything

Best moment this week: seeing our little one again on the ultrasound. love.

Food cravings: nothing new this week

Food aversions: still not able to eat meat. hopefully that passes soon.

Gender: we are hoping to be able to find out at our next ob appointment 🙂

Symptoms: this week was HORRIBLE headaches. I had a migraine monday/tuesday and had a horrible headache for the rest of the week. the nasuea was back in full force, and I’m still tired all of the time. plus round ligament pain/growing pains in my uterus.

Belly Button in or out? in

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: this week, I was pretty cranky and moody, from not feeling well though, so hopefully I will feel better this week.

Looking forward to: spending the 4th of July poolside, barbequeing with family and friends.

What I miss: sleeping on my stomach – I’ll wake up at night becasue I’ve rolled onto my stomach and it hurts 😛


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second ultrasound

we were back at dr. L’s on Wednesday and got to see our little one again. it is so amazing to have a doctor who performs ultrasounds at every visit. baby is still very active, and actually dr. L had a hard time getting a good picture because baby was moving so much. here is the one shot he did manage to get:

and just for comparison, let’s take a look back at 10 weeks. what a difference 3 weeks makes, huh?

dr. L said the best time to find out the gender is between 16 and 20 weeks. we have an appointment on july 30. I will be 18 weeks pregnant so it should work out perfectly. but we won’t be announcing here until after we are able to have a gender reveal party with parents and siblings.

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second trimester!

I have made it to the second trimester, which I am promised is the best trimester of them all.

I am excited for so many things this trimester. finding out if we are having a little man or a little lady. getting the nursery set up. watching my bump grow. baby being able to hear me when I talk to her/him. feeling the first signs of movement. saying goodbye to morning sickness and fatique. speaking of morning sickness. you know what does not make that any better? allergies. I’m dying here. I finally found out I can take claritin and I find my trusty box in my desk and they expired more than 2 years ago. oops.

at least I’m hoping the morning sickness will pass. it hasn’t yet, and in fact has increased in intensity this week, making me pretty miserable. there are women who like to tell pregnant women all of their horror stories from their own pregnancies, and so many women have told me their morning sickness never went away, and they were miserable the whole pregnance. Please let me not be one of them 😛

hitting the second trimester also means that I am now one-third of the way done with this pregnancy. does it seem like that first trimester was really fast to anyone else or was that just me? if the next two trimesters go as fast as the first one did, december, and our little one will be here before I know it (and probably before I’m completely prepared).

I am so excited for the next six months. to plan and prepare for our lives to change forever. 😀 one happy mama-to-be here.

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