Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

rolling rolling rolling

baby girl,

in the past two weeks you have just exploded into movement. you roll from your back to your tummy; from your tummy to your back; and you spin in circles. it is so fun to watch you learn to do these things (at least during the day :P). the past two weeks when we lay you in your crib, you will turn onto one side or the other and a lot of times will fall asleep like that, or you will just lie there for a little while before rolling back onto your back to go to sleep. I will look at you, lying on your side and think to myself that you are such a sweet little girl and where did my baby go? it was just yesterday that you were a tiny little newborn who couldn’t move around like this. I am so thankful that you are, for the most part, such a good sleeper. 

last night, you kept rolling on to your tummy but you don’t want to sleep on your tummy so you try to roll onto your back, but instead of rolling back the way you came, you want to keep rolling in the same direction, which ends up with you squished against your crib rails, or unable to roll back completely. then you get really upset and cry so loudly for me to come help you. we had a rough night last night because of it. it was sort of cute at 8. by 11, it was no longer cute, and by 4 am it was just awful :P. I sure hope you learn to roll back the other way or to sleep on your tummy soon.


what’s cooking/kicking?

so funny story. my husband is an amazing cook. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before. but he is. and lately, he has been experimenting with wine-reduction sauces. and baby girl is LOVING it. like this one from last week:

it’s chicken marsala. see all the yummy mushrooms? I was in mushroom heaven. I love mushrooms right now and couldn’t get enough. well that evening and the whole next day, little girl was moving around like crazy. I figured she was loving the mushrooms as much as I was.

then last night, Jason made steak with a reduction sauce made from cabernet sauvignon. it was delicious, althouh mushroom-less. next time I will request mushrooms. baby girl has not stopped moving today. I’m loving feeling her move. it feels so special to be able to feel her moving around when no one else can feel her. and I’m cherishing this special time I’m getting with my daughter. I can’t wait for the time when we have a delicious meal and Jason can feel her response. obviously she is going to be a big fan of daddy’s cooking.  I am noticing some soreness though, so hopefully she takes a nap soon so that my insides can rest too 😛 but that’s not a complaint. just an observation.