Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

more nursery progress

we’ve done some more work in the nursery lately. here is what it looks like now.

see the teddy bear? that is baby girl’s first teddy bear. from her Mimi. and the quilt was made by my old manager. there is so much love for this little girl already.

we used purple curtains instead of closet doors. it allows for more access, and I think it’s prettier.

we found those cute little owl coat hooks at home goods.Β they may have kick started my owl obsession πŸ˜›

I love the pink curtains. and the sparkly clear finials. the rug we bought at ikea. it cuts down the noise immensely, and it’s soft and pretty.

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nursery progress

before paint and flooring.

when we moved into the house last year, it was gross. here is one of the last examples of it. we pulled the nasty carpet up, and tried to cover the red lipstick writing on the wall. we also filled about a million thumb tack holes.

after the paint, flooring,and baseboards were installed

we painted the walls the palest pink we could find. it’s Behr’s barely pink. and it is, just barely pink. the flooring is wood laminate from ikea. i think it’s called antique affect. and then white baseboards. the color in this photo isn’t really showing the white, but it looks beautiful.

daddy, grammy, and grandpa putting together nursery furniture.

we put together the nursery furniture with the help of J’s parents. and when I say we put together the nursery furniture, I mean J and his dad. his mom and I helped a little. but not a lot πŸ˜›

our beautiful crib from grammy and grandpa

I love the furniture we picked out. J’s parents bought it for the baby πŸ™‚

changing table

we have moved the changing table from in front of the window, don’t worry πŸ˜›

completed dresser

I love that the dresser has two drawers and then an open shelf. we are looking for pretty knobs to go on it now.

I’m pretty sure we have finally decided where the furniture will be placed, and we’ve hung blinds and curtains, and are working on a couple more things. more pictures to come πŸ™‚

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