Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

third trimester!

I am officially in the third trimester now!

I’m having a hard time believing we are already 2/3 of the way done with this pregnancy. I mean, wasn’t it yesterday that two pink lines were appearing on that first response test? I have to say before I get too deep into the third trimester (as I’m told it can get pretty uncomfortable), that I LOVE being pregnant. even through all of the aches and pains and discomforts. it has been such an amazing experience for me. I am so thankful to have had such a good pregnancy.

my second trimester was so much fun. we found out we are having a little girl! and she started moving very regularly. J felt her kick. and we painted the nursery. J and his dad put in wood laminate flooring, and the baseboards were put in. we purchased blinds, and furniture. and just this past weekend, the furniture was put together. we bought a mattress for baby girl’s crib on saturday night. we also bought a super cute lamp. morning sickness all but disappeared. people started noticing I am pregnant and not just hitting the cupcakes a little too hard. and while I still have boughts of round ligament pain when I’m walking at a brisk pace (excercising), I haven’t had any when I’m just sitting for weeks. the biggest problem I’ve had in the second trimester is pretty bad backache. but I definitely count myself lucky that is my biggest complaint.

there are so many things that I’m looking forward to in the third trimester as well. my baby shower. and taking the classes the hospital has to offer. getting rounder especially when sitting and laying down (my stomach spreads out and widens when I do either of these, so I don’t look pregnant anymore :P). and baby’s kicks being visable from the outside. continuing my sewing and crochet projects for baby. meeting our baby girl!  

I am nervous about the elevated level of discomfort I have been promised is forthcoming. as excited as I am for baby girl to come, I am anxious about the process of getting her here. I’m hopeful that the hospital class will help with that. it’s really just a fear of the unknown. I have silly concerns as well. like not being able to shave my legs or tie my shoes.

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I can’t tell you how many times in my life I have been asked, “what is your greatest fear?” usually this question is part of an icebreaker of some sort. I have rarely been honest with answering this question. my greatest fear is a hugely intimate detail. I don’t feel there are many people who need to know that much about me during an icebreaker, so I answer with a generic, “spiders, snakes, heights” type of answer. but these are not my greatest fear.

my greatest fear has been with me most of my adolescence and into adulthood. I feared being infertile. the thought of not being able to conceive a child would sometimes cripple me with anxiety. I hoped and prayed, and pleaded this would never come true for me, that I would not have to know that pain. I suffered silently when friends had trouble conceiving, my heart breaking for them, and myself, because it could easily be me next.

when the two lines came up on that pregnancy test I thanked God for being a God of mercy, and love, and giving. I cried tears of joy. I have cherished every nauseating minute of this pregnancy. but it took me 15 weeks to realize my greatest fear was no longer a fear at all, the fear had been removed.

in its place is now sheer terror for my child. I fear that something will happen to him or her. I fear that I could lose him or her. I fear that I won’t be the kind of mother I want to be. I fear that I will make too many mistakes. I fear.

and just like that, a woman’s fear was replaced with a mother’s fear.


why hello there, super sniffer

did you know that everything has a smell? and that most smells are nausea inducing? me either. until yesterday. woah. I was sitting at my desk yesterday morning when I suddenly realized that I hate my favorite perfume. and that my boss suddenly seemed to be wearing way too much cologne, even though he sits a couple of cubicles away. and don’t even get me started on my coworker who eats the weird food (his eating habits have always grossed me out – but now it’s amplified). someone used a cleaning spray in their cubicle which nearly sent me running for the bathroom. and I got trapped in an elevator that was far too small, and had far too many people in it, one who seemed to be a chain smoker. luckily, I haven’t thrown up yet, but it seems to be right on the horizon.

nice to meet you morning, noon, and night sickness. I was wondering when you would appear. it seems 5 weeks and 6 days was the magic number.

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maybe Christmas baby

you are getting two posts today. yup two. because I’ll do anything to avoid work I’m feeling generous.

yesterday’s  appointment went well. the blood work and the doctor’s urine test both confirmed the pregnancy. the doctor estimates the due date to be December 26, 2012, which means I am 5 weeks, 2 days pregnant today. we learned my doctor no longer does the labor and delivery part of ob, so after the 2nd trimester, she would refer me to one of her colleagues who does. what she does do though, is pediatrics. she comes to the hospital within 12 hours on the birth to start caring for baby. I think that is awesome. we may look for someone who specializes in pediatrics, however, right now, I’m thinking it would be pretty convenient to have my doctor also be baby’s doctor, so we’ll see. I was disappointed to learn that my health insurance only pays for one ultrasound, which will be performed around 18-20 weeks (hopefully baby isn’t being bashful so we can find out the gender). I was really wanting to hear the heartbeat soon. I didn’t think to ask if she will use a doppler to find the heartbeat in the meantime. I’ll have to ask at the next appointment.

hubs came to the appointment with me and plans to come to all of the appointments. I feel SO lucky to be married to him.

the next post is going to be the first bump update. basically, every week I am going to post a picture along with the stats I feel are important. the first picture I took of myself, in the bathroom, with my phone. so you can guess how great that picture is going to be. I will be trying to convince hubs to take the picture of me every week from now on.

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Knocked Up!

we pretty much had the best weekend ever. by friday afternoon I just knew I was pregnant. I was nauseous when I got even a little hungry, I was nauseous after I ate, and I was nauseous just doing nothing. also, exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks. I lacked any desire to do anything other than sit on the couch. and I was ready for bed at 8 pm. so I knew. we waited until sunday to test though, because of the reasons mentioned in my last post. I had to leave the bathroom to stop myself from staring at the test the whole 3 minutes, I was worried that staring at it could somehow jinx it. so I went downstairs, and when the timer went off, grabbed hubs and ran up the stairs. and I got the biggest smile on my face because that’s pregnant!

we are going to wait to tell people (probably for the full 12 weeks) but I’m finding it so  hard to keep my mouth shut. I just want to scream from the roof top “I’M PREGNANT!” so that plan may have to be reevaluated.

I had my initial blood work drawn yesterday morning since my dr. had given me the paperwork a couple of months ago and scheduled a drs. appointment this thursday so she can confirm the pregnancy and estimate a due date 🙂

have I mentioned how EXCITED I am?

as soon as the dr. gives us an estimated due date,  I will start bump updates so hopefully I will be able to do the first one this week.

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