Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

my first mother’s day


My first mother’s day was so special. It started with J and Cora bringing me two cards in bed. One card was from J and the other one was from Cora, signed with a little pink footprint (so cute!). In honor of mother’s day, Cora wore a pretty blue dress, one that I happened to wear myself in 1985 😛


At church there was a celebration of moms and every mother received a rose (last year I was pregnant but no one knew, so I was excited to participate this year). When we picked Cora up from the nursery, I received another card from Cora. This one had a paper hand (Cora’s traced) holding a popsicle stick and felt flower. My first homemade card from my baby! (Well, with a LOT of assistance from Ms. Patti, our head nursery teacher).



We had lunch from noodles and company and our new King Size mattress was delivered! So excited about having a bigger, comfortable bed. We’ve been complaining about our bed being uncomfortable for years now, so we finally did something about it.


I got a little relaxing time in while Cora napped and J changed his oil, then I went pillow shopping. As I was making the bed up with our brand new linens, I noticed a black smudge the size of my hand on my new mostly white comforter. So we packed it up and went back to target to return it.

There was a lot of snuggling with Cora throughout the day (best part of being a mom), and a lot of feeling thankful for my amazing family.


I received a phone call from my brother, and one from my dad. My dad also sent me a card and beautiful scarf for mother’s day.

Overall, it was a wonderful day.



I hope all of the other moms out there had an amazing mother’s day as well.

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just between friends

We went to the just between friends sale this past Thursday. Just between friends is a baby/kids consignment event. It was a little overwhelming:


We were looking for a high chair, 3-6 month jammies, and keeping an open mind about other things we might find. Here is our haul:

We found 8 jammies, 4 crib sheets, 2 hooded towels, 2 bottles, 1 pair of 6-9 month jeans, 1 6-12 month dress, and 1 boppy; all of $47! This is a screaming deal. The extra boppy will be invaluable as I’ve mentioned before. As I type this from my recliner in Cora’s room at 1:25 am, my arms are killing me because I left the boppy downstairs when I came up to bed, and the new one is still drying from being thoroughly washed and sanatized. We will need at least 5 extra crib sheets when we start daycare as the school we’ve chosen changes the sheets every day, and bottles and towels are always good to have around.

We didn’t end up finding a high chair in good condition, but we still have a while before we need it. Overall, I’m very glad we went to the sale, even if we could get similar deals at Once Upon a Child; it was fun! Once Cora gets more interested in toys, I have a feeling it will be even more worth it.

I’ll leave you with this nugget from yesterday’s shopping excursion, although we didn’t buy the glasses because they were a little too big still, they were pretty adorable:

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month 2

IMG_3585dear Cora,

in your second month of life, you had three major milestones. you smiled at your daddy for the first time on January 29, 2013. he was making funny noises at you and you thought it was pretty entertaining. on February 5, 2013, you rolled over from your stomach to your back. you have since only done this one other time (in your crib, but the mattress is pretty soft so I think it might be easier to do than on the floor).  on February 11, 2013, you had your first bottle with daddy.

you have been much more alert and sociable. you are “talking” a lot and we love to listen to your stories. since your first couple of tentative smiles, you have been smiling up a storm. we get smiles every day, but we usually have to work a little for them, making funny faces, telling you how much we love you, or singing to you. your smiles are so happy, no matter what kind of day we have had, it brightens it.

you love your mobile in your crib. you smile, talk to it, and kick your legs whenever we lay you in your crib with your mobile on. you love being held upright so you can hold your head up and look all around. you still don’t like being strapped into your car seat, but riding in the car puts you to sleep. you discovered your tongue this month and you enjoy sticking it out a lot. you like to stand with assistance. your legs are really strong and if we sort of hold you upright, you will do all of the work to keep yourself standing.

you are wearing size 1 diapers and mostly size 0-3 month clothes. a couple of your newborn clothes still fit, but not many.

you aren’t a good daytime sleeper. there isn’t really a pattern to when you like to sleep during the day, but any sleep you do get is more in catnap form – usually about 20 minutes or so and if I put you down, your eyes immediately open. we will probably start working harder to change that next month. you are a great nighttime sleeper though! you almost never sleep less than 4 hours in your first night-time stretch and usually it is at least 5 to 7 hours. then we wake up so you can eat and I hold you upright for 20 minutes after you have finished eating to try to avoid spit up since you aren’t a great burper. then you go back to sleep for another 2 to 3 hours (usually 3) before we repeat the process again. although, when I say back to sleep, I mean back in your bassinet because you never fully wake up in the night. sometimes your eyes will open and you will give me a smile but they are always shut by the time you are eating. you usually get 12 to 15 hours of sleep per night this way. you are always in a good mood when you wake up.

your daddy was back at work this month, so on week days, you hang out with me while daddy is at work. we run errands, or shop most days to get out of the house. for the most part, we do these things while you sleep. we also go for walks so I can get a little bit of exercise and you can see a little bit of the world. your mimi tries to come visit every week, although a couple of weeks she hasn’t been able to come. she holds you and plays with you for a little while, and then we go out to lunch. you usually sleep through lunch too. your grammy and grandpa try to come by every weekend to see you.

at 6 weeks, we felt ready to introduce you to larger crowds and we returned to church. on your first sunday back, we had a dedication service, where we dedicated you to Lord, and dedicated ourselves to raising you in a Christian home. your mimi, grammy, grandpa, aunt jess, uncle kyle, and cousin G all came to church to celebrate. after the service, the church through you a reception so the church family would have a chance to meet you.

I can’t believe you are already 2 months old! at your 2 month check up (which technically wasn’t until March 4th), you weighed 10 pounds, 13 ounces, and were 22 1/4 inches long. you are getting so big!


Cora – your mobile, but we got it second-hand at a store called Once Upon a Child so I don’t have details on that, bright starts activity mat, miss mushroom, and you still love your swing

Me – motorolla video monitor, target nursing tank – these are so much more supportive than the one I have from motherhood maternity, and they are a couple of dollars less expensive too. kindle paperwhite – the fact that it is backlit makes reading at night sooo nice! I don’t have to turn the light on for those middle of the night nursing sessions, baby girl doesn’t wake up.

month 2 pictures:


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maternity leave

I am starting my second week of maternity leave today and I have to say it’s going better than I expected. I was worried about how I would fill my day every day, but it has been surprisingly easy. I have developed a schedule/routine that seems to be working for me. first, I don’t set an alarm. the whole point of dr. L wanting me to go out on maternity leave early was to get more rest, so unless I have somewhere I need to be, I’m letting my body wake up when it wants to. then I exercise. monday, wednesday, friday it’s cardio and toning; tuesday and thursday it’s prenatal yoga. then I make myself breakfast and lay down for a little bit. then I will do any chores that need to be done around the house, or run errands. I might take J lunch at work if he wants me to or I make myself something. then I’ll lay down for a little longer before starting another chore, or working on some crafting.

it’s the stopping what I’m doing and laying down before I over-exert myself that is the hardest part, as I knew it would be. I like to start a task and get it finished, but I just can’t anymore. I get too tired. also, dr. L was very clear that he wants me laying down. so I’m working on patience during those times. thank goodness for netflix. and baby books that I’m still reading through.

on the bright side, I’ve been able to keep the house tidied up, and the shopping and errands taken care of which means more quality time with J when he is home in the evenings and weekends.

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Bump Update: 33 Weeks

How far along? 33 weeks

Baby’s size: honeydew (19 inches, 4.5 pounds)

Total weight gain: 28 pounds

Maternity clothes: tops, yes; I’m still rocking my pre-pregnancy pants and skirts with the beband. and my yoga pants for lounging around the house

Stretch marks? still the two that appeared a few weeks ago. of course they are upfront and center on my belly, so that’s annoying.

Sleep: not comfortable

Best moment this week: seeing little one on the ultrasound, and the shopping we did this weekend to finish preparing ourselves for her arrival. I think we are finally ready. well, our house is ready at least 😛

Food cravings: frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream

Food aversions: nothing

Gender: precious baby girl

Symptoms: my hips hurt so bad, back ache, fatigue, heartburn was a huge one this week, and bending down to pick things up from the floor has become very difficult this week.

Belly Button in or out? the top is completely flat, and the bottom half is still in

Wedding rings on or off? off

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy happy happy

Looking forward to: sewing the crib skirt this week, and organizing some of the remaining things that need to be organized

What I miss: sleeping comfortably

Movement: she sure is feisty. I’m pretty sure she took her heel and jammed it into my upper belly and then dragged it down to my belly button. it hurt. and last night, J was pressing on her and she kicked me so hard in the rib cage in response.

Doctor’s appointment: this week’s appointment was a good one. everything looks perfect and normal.

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Bump Update: 32 Weeks

How far along? 32 weeks

Baby’s size: head of lettuce (19 in, 3.9 pounds)

Total weight gain: 25.5 pounds

Maternity clothes: yes

Stretch marks? not the best thing about pregnancy

Sleep: still struggling with this, and causing J to get less sleep as well (sorry honey)

Best moment this week: our beautiful baby shower. J’s sister and mom did such a FANTASTIC job. it was amazing and we loved it. seeing family and friends was also wonderful.

Food cravings: nothing this week

Food aversions: nothing this week

Gender: ribbons and bows

Symptoms: my hips are killing me!, and my back hurts, getting fatigued even more, and even faster, shortness of breath

Belly Button in or out? the top part is completely flat, the bottom half is still in 😛

Wedding rings on or off? off

Happy or Moody most of the time: I’ve been pretty moody. I think the aches and pains are getting to me 😛

Looking forward to: our doctor’s appointment is on tuesday, doing a little shopping to make sure we are completely prepared for baby girl’s arrival.

What I miss: sleep

Movement: she sure is one active little munchkin.

Doctor’s appointment: tuesday 🙂

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home is where the heart is

one year ago on Halloween we received the keys garage door remotes to our first home. giddy with excitement, we ran to home depot to purchase new locks and keys since the previous owners had “lost” every key to the house. we drank champagne in our kitchen out of plastic cups. our nephew was dressed as woody for his first Halloween. we sat on the steps just inside our front door eating McDonald’s and passing out candy to trick or treaters. sitting on the disgusting carpet that we would start to rip up that weekend.

the house needed a LOT of TLC. but we saw past it’s scars and wear and tear. we saw us building a life there. we saw us raising our family there. we saw little feet racing down the stairs on Christmas morning to see what Santa has brought for them. we saw love. and laughter. we saw our home.

we spent months scrubbing, scouring, painting, laying flooring, and making it ours. we couldn’t have done it without the help of our family and friends, who were more than generous with their time and labor. months of working all day, then driving to the house to work until midnight, to go to our then home and sleep for a few hours before doing it all again. it was worth it.

one year later and every day when I drive up to the house, it still takes my breath away. it’s hard to believe this big beautiful house belongs to us, and not one of our parents. it’s hard to believe we are about to be parents. it’s hard to believe that the second to last room to be torn apart and lovingly put back together again is now a nursery with pink walls and woodland creatures. it’s hard to believe that all of the dreams I dreamt when searching for our home are coming true.

our home might not always be tidy, and sometimes I don’t take care of the dusting like I should. but we love. and we laugh. and we live there. and we await the arrival of our daughter. who will fill our home with even more joy.

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more nursery progress

we’ve done some more work in the nursery lately. here is what it looks like now.

see the teddy bear? that is baby girl’s first teddy bear. from her Mimi. and the quilt was made by my old manager. there is so much love for this little girl already.

we used purple curtains instead of closet doors. it allows for more access, and I think it’s prettier.

we found those cute little owl coat hooks at home goods. they may have kick started my owl obsession 😛

I love the pink curtains. and the sparkly clear finials. the rug we bought at ikea. it cuts down the noise immensely, and it’s soft and pretty.

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Bump Update: 29 Weeks

How far along? 29 weeks

Baby’s size: small cabbage (17 in., 2.9 pounds)

Total weight gain: 20 pounds

Maternity clothes: yes and no. pants are a problem right now as the maternity ones are too big, but the belly band over my pre-pregnancy pants isn’t the most comfortable either.

Stretch marks? nope 🙂

Sleep: well, I am sleeping, which is nice, but the crazy preggo dreams make sure I don’t get adequate rest. I am so tired.

Best moment this week: we worked more on the nursery and it looks like a room 🙂 we celebrated our second wedding anniversary at the melting pot. yummy.

Food cravings: caffeine free diet pepsi. mmmm.

Food aversions: nothing

Gender: baby girl

Symptoms: fatigue, shortness of breath, a couple of moments of dizziness/light headedness (according to the books this is because there is too much blood, and the heart isn’t able to keep up with it all), backache, more leg cramps (while awake now too), and I have definitely slowed down (it takes me way longer to get places than it used to :P)

Belly Button in or out? still in

Wedding rings on or off? off, but I did wear them to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. I think the cooler weather is helping with the swelling, but they are still tighter than they once were, so they are staying off.

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy happy

Looking forward to: our breastfeeding class is this tuesday, getting some more things put away in baby girl’s room, and picking out fabric to make a crib skirt.

What I miss: sushi.

Movement: oh yeah, especially at church this morning. she was loving the music and all the voices singing. I might start calling her boots because when she kicks me really hard, J says she is booting me 😛 she has booted me hard enough to make me jump multiple times this week.

Doctor’s appointment: not this tuesday, but the next one.

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nursery progress

before paint and flooring.

when we moved into the house last year, it was gross. here is one of the last examples of it. we pulled the nasty carpet up, and tried to cover the red lipstick writing on the wall. we also filled about a million thumb tack holes.

after the paint, flooring,and baseboards were installed

we painted the walls the palest pink we could find. it’s Behr’s barely pink. and it is, just barely pink. the flooring is wood laminate from ikea. i think it’s called antique affect. and then white baseboards. the color in this photo isn’t really showing the white, but it looks beautiful.

daddy, grammy, and grandpa putting together nursery furniture.

we put together the nursery furniture with the help of J’s parents. and when I say we put together the nursery furniture, I mean J and his dad. his mom and I helped a little. but not a lot 😛

our beautiful crib from grammy and grandpa

I love the furniture we picked out. J’s parents bought it for the baby 🙂

changing table

we have moved the changing table from in front of the window, don’t worry 😛

completed dresser

I love that the dresser has two drawers and then an open shelf. we are looking for pretty knobs to go on it now.

I’m pretty sure we have finally decided where the furniture will be placed, and we’ve hung blinds and curtains, and are working on a couple more things. more pictures to come 🙂

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