Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

my first mother’s day


My first mother’s day was so special. It started with J and Cora bringing me two cards in bed. One card was from J and the other one was from Cora, signed with a little pink footprint (so cute!). In honor of mother’s day, Cora wore a pretty blue dress, one that I happened to wear myself in 1985 😛


At church there was a celebration of moms and every mother received a rose (last year I was pregnant but no one knew, so I was excited to participate this year). When we picked Cora up from the nursery, I received another card from Cora. This one had a paper hand (Cora’s traced) holding a popsicle stick and felt flower. My first homemade card from my baby! (Well, with a LOT of assistance from Ms. Patti, our head nursery teacher).



We had lunch from noodles and company and our new King Size mattress was delivered! So excited about having a bigger, comfortable bed. We’ve been complaining about our bed being uncomfortable for years now, so we finally did something about it.


I got a little relaxing time in while Cora napped and J changed his oil, then I went pillow shopping. As I was making the bed up with our brand new linens, I noticed a black smudge the size of my hand on my new mostly white comforter. So we packed it up and went back to target to return it.

There was a lot of snuggling with Cora throughout the day (best part of being a mom), and a lot of feeling thankful for my amazing family.


I received a phone call from my brother, and one from my dad. My dad also sent me a card and beautiful scarf for mother’s day.

Overall, it was a wonderful day.



I hope all of the other moms out there had an amazing mother’s day as well.

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snuggles & smiles

I don’t think there is anything sweeter than having your sleeping baby snuggled on your chest. Except maybe when she smiles at you in the middle of the night making it completely impossible to be annoyed at being awake again in the middle of the night.

Every day with this sweet girl is such a blessing.

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