Baby D Makes Three

born December 27, 2012

i want to TEST!

the two week wait is torture for a woman trying to conceive. TORTURE! basically, pregnancy tests can pick up the hCG hormone between 12-15 days post ovulation (on average). so you wait and you wait and you want to test the WHOLE time. because you just want to be pregnant already. and there are women out there who were able to find out 6 days after ovulation. I promised myself I wouldn’t become a psychotic pee on a stick-aholic. I wouldn’t succumb to that urge to just try and see. and here I am 11 days post ovulation and I’ve been at work for 2 hours, the whole time obsessing over if I could test tomorrow morning. yup, I’ve become that girl. the one who is not productive, and is basically insane, mumbling to myself in the hallway about tests, and timing, and basically freaking everybody out in my building (ok, so there is no mumbling, or freaking everybody out, but there is a lot of googling – because if it’s on the internet it must be true).

some of you may be thinking – what’s the big deal, just go pee on a stick, stop making yourself crazy. there are a couple of reasons hubs and I are pretty adamant about waiting to test until there is a very likely chance of the test being accurate. For one, if you test too early, it might turn up a big fat negative because the hCG isn’t strong enough to be detected. and who wants a constant let down every morning? second, there is a chance that you can get an early big fat positive (YAY) but then end up with a chemical pregnancy (early miscarriage) and who wants that kind of a let down? and last, have you seen just how expensive those babies are? I mean, we are trying to prepare financially for a baby people; we can’t be spending that kind of dough just because I want to pee on a stick every 2 minutes hours.

so I will wait. semi-patiently. if any of you have been following along with the math, today is Friday, that means if Aunt Flow hasn’t visited by Monday, I will be at 14 days past ovulation. hubs and I have the day off. it sure would be a special day if we could celebrate the start of our new life.

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we have baby FEVER!

ok, I suppose I should clarify. I have had baby fever since I realized babies were cute and cuddly and needed someone to love them. so probably since I was five :P.  but it was more of a general, I want babies someday type of fever. then I met my hubby. and all of those hypothetical baby wishes started looking like reality. we have four close friends with babies (that’s right I’m talking about you T, S, J, and M). I love cuddling their babies. I love rocking them and playing with them. and the more time I spend with the babies, the more our (ok) my desire for a baby of our own grew. so we started to prepare and plan. and then we ditched the birth control. and now I have a completely healthy obsession with all things baby related. I read baby blogs, I lurk on TTC (trying to conceive) forums, and I read articles and books about pregnancy and conceiving, and try to figure out ways to increase our chances. we have officially been trying for 2 cycles now, and while I know most healthy couples take 6 – 12 months to conceive, I’m already impatient.

on hubby’s part, he is super supportive of my crazy. he lets me discuss the pros and cons of diaper bags I’ve found on blogs and he doesn’t complain when I send him pictures of baby related things ALL DAY LONG. but he keeps me grounded: “Honey, I’m pretty sure it’s too early to actually buy the diaper bag.” which I love him for. and while he isn’t as consumed by the fever as I am, I know he is excited. he has asked on more than one occasion “are you pregnant yet?” and chimes in to conversations with knowledge that could only come from doing a little of his own online research. 

so while I’m pretty sure the only cure to his fever is pregnancy, in the meantime I have the love and support from an amazing man who is going to make a fantastic father. What more could a girl ask for (except for maybe a baby :P)?

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